1. Parent Communications Toolkit | SVCF

    Parent Communications Toolkit | SVCF

    California’s Common Core State Standards offer an exciting opportunity for K-12 students to build the skills that will prepare them for college and careers in the 21st Century. But even as teachers are working on implementing the standards in their classrooms, parents and students are struggling to understand what it all means.

    This communication toolkit is intended to help bridge the gap between classroom learning and the community’s information. Using the materials provided here, teachers, administrators and others can inspire parents to understand the new core learning standards and become champions for their child’s education. All the resources are adaptable and can be modified to apply to your situations or schools. 

    What it includes

    • 10 simple things your school should be doing to explain Common Core to parents
    • Answers to the 4 most commonly-asked questions about common core
    • Grade-specific outlines of what common core looks like in the classroom
    • Sample letters to parents - in English & Spanish - about Common Core learning goals and styles
    • 9 newsletter articles about Common Core
    • A poster on 21st century learning in the classroom

    Who should use it 

    This toolkit can be adapted by anyone who regularly fields questions from parents about their child’s learning in the classroom. That could be educators, school administrators, after-school program administrators or community leaders.  

    How to use it

    The materials included here can be used as part of a larger outreach plan within your institution.

    Find the complete toolkit and materials right here on Embrace the Core.

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