1. New Mexico School Is an Example for Student Success [Video] | Sun-News

    New Mexico School Is an Example for Student Success [Video] | Sun-News

    Here's how one New Mexico school is helping students succeed.

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    1. It's smaller, so you get more of a learning experience.
    2. Teachers and staff members tend to stay here for a long time.
    3. Just being here — the involvement with the teachers, with the parents and the community, I just thought it was a plus.
    4. One of the interesting little data bits that we have shows us that the longer kids stay at White Sands School, the better they do academically.
    5. We only see a tiny dip when students move from fifth grade to sixth grade, as they begin moving from teacher to teacher — that whole culture of going to the middle school — but not much; there's still growth there.
    6. When we talk about the impact of poverty on education, it's not actually the poverty itself that affects education — it's the impacts of poverty.
    7. Despite the economic conditions that the families themselves are in, the base itself provides that community structure for students in such a way that the impacts of poverty are minimized.
    8. The entire community is coming to the school, and is giving the students a sense of purpose.
    9. The community really is the high point of teaching at White Sands.
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