1. CA-NGSS Communications Toolkit for Parents & Educators | CA4NGSS

    CA-NGSS Communications Toolkit for Parents & Educators | CA4NGSS

    The CA4NGSS Communications Toolkits provide education stakeholders in California with ready-to-use and source materials to introduce and communicate the value and intention of the California Next Generation Science Standards (CA-NGSS) and guide supporters in promoting the implementation of the CA-NGSS.

    Four toolkits will be available to support communications with teachers and principals, parents, and district leaders. Prepared for the CA4NGSS by the CDE Foundation, the California Science Teachers Association (CSTA), and Children Now, with support from member organizations, the content of these materials represents coalition member input but does not reflect each member organization’s formal endorsement. When using these materials, you are welcome to tailor them to best communicate with your target audience(s).

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