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    NGSS Lesson Screener | Achieve

    There is wide recognition among classroom teachers that instruction must shift as schools and districts make strides to successfully implement the NGSS. But it is currently difficult to find lessons and units that are truly designed for the NGSS.  

    To help educators more quickly assess (1) whether a lesson being developed or revised is on the right track for NGSS alignment, (2) whether a lesson warrants further review using the EQuIP Rubric for Lessons & Units, and (3) the degree to which a team of reviewers have a common understanding of the standards, Achieve, NSTA, and members of the NGSS Network have developed and released a new tool, the NGSS Lesson Screener.

    This tool will enable classroom teachers and state and local curriculum adoption committees to more quickly screen lessons for indications of NGSS design. Additionally, educators will be able to build deeper understandings of what lessons designed for the NGSS should look like. While it is possible for an individual educator to use this tool, the quality review process works best as a collaborative process.Educators who are familiar with the EQuIP Rubric will recognize some familiar criteria in the NGSS Lesson Screener.

    The power of this new tool is in the productive conversations that teachers and curriculum adoption committees can have while evaluating materials for NGSS design (i.e., the review process). Through a shared understanding of the standards and performance expectations (PEs), educators can identify quality materials and use their professional judgement in selecting and shaping lessons for their students.

    To learn more, download the NGSS Lesson Screener.

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